The SPEL Stormceptor is a well proven high quality factory-made unit specially designed and fabricated to provide a very effective means of separating oil and other light liquids from stormwater drainage systems.

The SPEL Stormceptor was the first Environment Agency listed class 1 by-pass separator to BS EN 858-1:2002.

The SPEL Stormceptor has been used effectively throughout the UK and abroad since 1985. All sizes and types of development have been catered for, including industrial development sites, hypermarkets and airports. Areas of up to 30 hectares can be covered with a single unit.


Flows according to nominal size (NSB)

The polluted surface water first enters the primary chamber where silt settles out and is retained. The fuel, oil and other pollutants lighter than water, rise to the surface and are efficiently skimmed off and transferred to the separation chamber.

In normal conditions all the flow is through the separation chamber, where the quiescent conditions allow the pollutants to separate out efficiently. Water from the cleanest zone in the separation chamber flows through a coalesce unit, to remove smaller globules of oil, up to the junction chamber and thence to the outlet.


Storm flows above NSB

During a storm the level in the primary chamber rises and the stormwater passes over the weir into the junction chamber and to the outlet.

The design keeps the turbulence within the separation chamber to a minimum which avoids disturbing the contaminants retained.


Grease Interceptors

The Grease Interceptors and jumbo range of grease traps are designed primarily for the separation and retention of FOG's in kitchens and smaller catering establishments.

The GS range of grease separators provide a large volume of liquid to slow down the flow of hot greasy water. Designed for larger catering and meat processing facilities.

  • Lightweight rotational moulded HDPE construction
  • Separates and retains Fats, Oils and Greases (FOGs)
  • Promotes clean and free running drains


Brochures for Fuel & Grease Interceptors are available on request.

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