Ranging in sizes from 60L to 20,000L, the pump stations are designed and built for:

  • Domestic
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Single & Three Phase
  • Single & Twin Pump

These pump stations offer one of the widest choices for single and twin pump applications for wherever and whenever sewage or surface water requires pumping to a mains connection.

For additional installer and specification confidence we only manufacture our GRP tanks using virgin unfilled resin systems to BS4994 and ISO976. The advantages of this include a superior structural strength compared to filled resin products. Additionally this enables the tanks to significantly lighter which greatly assists with on-site handling and positioning in the installation process. The pump chambers have a warranty for 25 years with an expected design life of 50 years. All tanks are Gel-coated & Flo-coated as standard practice. The pump chambers are heavy duty designed for all year around installation.

Brochures for Waste Water Pumping Stations are available on request. 

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