Waterways Environmental can design, supply and install a rain water harvesting system which meets the client’s requirements.

Commercial buildings such as schools, hotels, office buildings, farms, factories, hospitals, retail units etc. have large capacity to harvest their water as well as high non potable water demand.


Rainwater harvesting systems can be supplied for new builds and retro fits. To allow us to design a system for a building, we can carry out a site survey which will give the information required to design a system to suit the client’s requirements.

With the information collected from the site survey, our design team will look at different options of rainwater harvesting systems and the client can then decide on which system will suit their requirements.

A commercial rainwater harvesting solution can benefit your business by reducing your water charges and dependent upon your business function, ensure business continuity in the event of mains water failure.



Commercial rainwater harvesting systems are available in two types of systems, direct and in-direct.  Direct systems pump the harvested water directly to the appliances and the in-direct systems pumps the harvested water to a header tank and gravity feeds the appliances. The in-direct system is not electrically dependent, it will function in the event of a power cut. Our rainwater harvesting systems can help business owners save from 50% - 80% of their mains water usage.  Have a look at our Brochure for more details.

Maintenance services are available for all rainwater harvesting systems.


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